Review: Pretty Girls Ripe

Tea Type: 

Shu/Ripe Pu’er





Pressed in:



Здравствуйте TEA people,

Winter time is ripe time.

This one will be the starter of a ripe tea review series.

Let’s take a quick look at the dry leafs.






Brewing vessel:

Yixing teapot (150ml)

Water temperature:

99° C




15 seconds




When it comes to ripe puerh, i’m better save then sorry and rinse these teas for healthy 15 seconds. I really don’t want to end up drinking all that nasty storage funk.

The first infusion was already really thick and full of woody, earthy, mushroomy notes.

The second infusion came out alot stronger then the first one. The earthy notes really started to dominate the flavor profile.

I would say the third infusion was the best of the whole session, Pretty Girls Ripe really showed me everything she got.

In that picture you can already see that the rich dark color is already fading a bit. These infusions where almost equal to the first one.

Yep, the tea went from ripe powerhouse with a wonderful earthy color to a redish almost whiskey colored brew.


Like I said winter time is ripe time. When its cold outside I’am looking for something that really warms me up from the inside and there is nothing better then a nice cup of shu.

2015 Pretty Girls Ripe is a smooth shu without much throat coating nor special funkiness.

I wish that this tea would have been my first ripe puerh. 🙂

The first ripe i ever had was a cheap tea from an asian grocery store. It was fishy nasty and  had flat card board flavor.

I can recommend Pretty Girls Ripe to puerh beginners without any restrictions. But i also have to say that when it comes to W2t’s shu’s i still prefer their 2015 Brown Sugar.

(Check out my review of 2015 Brown Sugar)

I have a few RIPE PUERH TEA reviews coming up, so make sure you come back soon.

Have a cuppa


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